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November 26, 2013
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Souls and Perks

:iconsoul-hunt: is a very character oriented group and so a big part of the experience is growing your character! Earn souls to gain Soul Perks- rewards that can be used to power up, equip pets, vehicles and enroll more characters into the academy! Souls can be earned two ways:

:bulletpurple: Complete Missions

:bulletpurple: Submit Fanart of your characters (or other Soul Hunt denizens)

~ Sketch/Lineart: 1 Soul

~ Colored/Basic Shading: 2 Souls

~ Complex Shading/Background: 3 Souls

~Literature Pieces under 2,000 words: 1 Soul

~Literature Pieces over 2,00 words: 2-8 Souls (Depending on length)

Souls are awarded upon submission to :iconsoul-hunt:- remember you as a deviant are earning souls, which means that most perks can be applied to multiple characters unless stated other wise~

Soul Perk List

5 Souls: Learn Soul Perception 

   :bulletblue: Ability to see other's Souls

   :bulletblue: Able to take Soul Perception required missions

10 Souls: New Non-Magical Pet

   :bulletblue: New character to role play

   :bulletblue: Can take Pet-specific missions (insert)

   :bulletred: Requires a Pet Application (insert link)

15 Souls: Learn Soul Authority 

    :bulletblue: Send wavelength blasts directly into the target

    :bulletblue: Must be in physical contact

20 Souls: Free Commission!

    :bulletblue: Full body of Your character and up to three other Soul Hunt characters from dogstitch 

    :bulletblue: Other mods may also offer prizes

    :bulletred: Note dogstitch to place your order~

25 Souls: Second Meister/Weapon OR upgrade a current character into a Weapon Meister Hybrid 

    :bulletblue: Add another character role play character 

    :bulletblue: OR give your existing character self-meister abilities/a weapon form

    :bulletred: REQUIRES a new application for the new or upgraded character

30 Souls: New Magical Pet OR upgrade current pet to Magic Type

    :bulletblue: A new character to role play

    :bulletblue: Has both animal and humanoid forms and ONE spell

    :bulletred: Requires a new application for the new or upgraded pet

35 Souls: Special Reward- specific for each deviant

40 Souls: Upgrade one or more characters to Witch Hunter Weapon Form (weapons)/ Witch Hunter Combat Stance(meisters)

    :bulletblue: Stronger attacks

    :bulletblue: Able to defeat witches on their own

45 Souls: Upgrade one or more characters to Two-Star Status 

    :bulletblue: Double allowance and single dorm room (no roommates)

    :bulletblue: Feature of your favorite Soul Hunt related piece on the group front page

50 Souls: New Witch character OR upgrade a current character into a Witch

    :bulletblue: Witch may be benign (disguised as a student in the Academy) or malevolent ( not enrolled in the Academy, but works against it)

    :bulletblue: Witches starts with ONE spell, and Soul Protect (able to hide their soul wavelength and seem like a human)

55 Souls: Upgrade one or more characters to EAT class 

    :bulletblue: Able to take on EAT missions

    :bulletred: REQUIRED Special EAT badge(insert link) displayed somewhere on a character's clothing

60 Souls: Can move one or more characters out of the dorms 

    :bulletblue: Characters may rent a house/apartment/tree-house etc.. in Death City

    :bulletblue: May have up to four students sharing an off-campus residence

65 Souls: Upgrade one or more characters to Demon Hunter Form (weapons)/ Witch Hunter Combat Stance (meisters)/Second Spell (witches)

    :bulletblue: Able to take on would-be-Kishin and Evil entities alone

    :bulletblue: Stronger attacks in general

70 Souls: Upgrade ONE existing character to Grigori OR Strong soul

    :bulletblue: Grigori Soul: Allows flight with a weapon

    :bulletblue: Strong Soul: Worth 99 regular human souls- double attack and defense abilities

    :bulletred: ONLY ONE character may have either a Strong or Grigori Soul

75 Souls: New Shinigami character OR upgrade a current character into a Shinigami

    :bulletblue: A "fragment" of Shinigami-Sama

    :bulletblue: Starts with ONE Shinigami ability

    :bulletred: Requires a new Shinigami application- remember you MUST include at least TWO serious character or personality flaws~

80 Souls: New Vehicle for one or more characters 

    :bulletblue: Vehicals come to character on command

    :bulletblue: Vehicle may be a mountable NON-MAGIC animal (horse, elephant, mean one-eyed camel named "Spitter" etc...)

85 Souls: Special deviant-specific reward

90 Souls: One character may learn a Special Wavelength 

    :bulletblue: May learn Madness Wavelength- cause those within a 20 foot radius to go temporarily insane

    :bulletblue: OR may learn Anti-Demon Wavelength- Protect those within a 20 foot radius against all madness sources

    :bulletblue: OR may learn Healing Wavelength- Heal physical wounds of any within a 20 foot radius.

    :bulletred: ONLY ONE character may have a special wavelength

95 Souls: Upgrade 3 Star Meister/Weapon 

    :bulletblue: Secondary weapon type /New Meister Ability/new Shinigami ability/New witch spell

    :bulletblue: Quadrupled allowance, Owned home in downtown Death City

99 Souls and 1 Witch's Soul: New Death Scythe character OR upgrade a current character into a Death Scythe

    :bulletblue: Congratulations!!

    :bulletblue: Rewards will be announced upon attainment...

Rewards for earning souls from missions!

Remember, you as a deviant are earning souls! Unless the definition specifically states otherwise, perks can be applied to all your characters!

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just to ask with it saying at 55 souls of uograding one or more chars to EAT class what kind of class is EAT anyways
Could you upgrade a non-magical pet to a magical pet to then a witch with a transformation spell?? I don't I don't have the souls just planning ahead as all, thank you
Bokcutter Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you explain this to me. it says..New Death scythe character? what does that mean?
The Weapon can become a scythe?
dogstitch Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, of course! so in the manga Soul Eater, a "Death Scythe" is the strongest kind of weapon, used by the Grim Reaper himself. Often it's a kind of "graduation" for students, as a Death Scythe has a lot more power, and they become staff at the Academy or field agents. Despite the name, the weapon doesn't actually have to be a scythe, but whatever weapon they were born as (powered up, of course). You can read here for more info~
Bokcutter Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
another question, is it possbile for a character to be one of teh same, weapon and Meister?
dogstitch Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is! That is actually another one of the soul perks- it's called a Weapon/Meister hybrid. I think it's 25 souls to get that one- you can either create a new character that is a hybrid OR upgrade an existing weapon or technician character
Bokcutter Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now I can't..wait for you guys to OPEN! *RUNS AROUND* 
dogstitch Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!! Neither can we XD
Bokcutter Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
By the way, if you need anything i am very happy to assist!
dogstitch Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome!! Thanks so much!!
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